Please Pass The Mic “Raw & Uncut” is the uncensored west coast Apollo style showcase. The event allows freedom of expression from all genres of music, dance, poetry, comedy, bands, and entertainment. The event is unique because the audience is allowed to cheer on or dismiss acts off stage by chanting “Please Pass The Mic”.


The rules are simple:

  1.  All acts get six (6) minutes of stage time if crowd allows you to do so.
  2. All acts must exit the stage when told: “Please Pass The Mic”.
  3. The winner is selected by the loudest audience applause.


Performer Benefits:

  1. Performer gets to “Perform @ The Raw & Uncut Show”.
  2. Performer gets five “5 Free Tickets” to the show, which they can sell or give away.
  3. Performer gets “Free! Rehearsal Time @ Workshop Wednesdays” (click here for details).
  4. Performer gets "Free! Photo Shoot”.
  5. Performer gets a “10 Minute Video interview”.
  6. The winner of the “Raw & Uncut” event will "be scheduled to perform and announced as the winner defending his/her title at our next show".
  7. The winner will be "tied into the marketing campaign for the next show" which includes "mobile billboards ads, posters, flyers, and free website promotion" at www.PleasePassTheMic.com.


Artist Registration Information:

  1. All artists must register to perform at the Please Pass The Mic “Raw & Uncut” event.
  2. Artist must sign release agreements for all audio/video content pertaining to the event.
  3. Groups with over three members must pay an additional $10.00 per person. “Raw & Uncut” registration fee is $50.00.